Contemporary Debates on Islamic Political Issues

Yakoob Ahmed

This course will introduce students to the study of some of the contemporary arguments that are being discussed today regarding Islamic thought in Western academia. The course is a comparative study that shall attempt to discuss how these same arguments were tackled by Muslim thinkers during the advent of the modern period in the Islamic world such as the Ottoman Empire and India. Thus, this course is both a reflection on late nineteenth century intellectual thought as well as current intellectual ideas. Some topics that shall be discussed are Wael Hallaq’s Impossible State, James Piscatori’s Reinventing the Umma, and ideas regarding Pan-Islamism and Islamism.  Other topics of discussion shall include Muslims in the West, Islamophobia and Islamic Constitutionalism. The course will be in English and selective reading may be provided.S


Salon Tarih Saat Seminer Semineri Veren Açıklama
Kırmızı Salon 4.3.2017 16:15 1 Yakoob Ahmed
Kırmızı Salon 11.3.2017 16:15 1 Yakoob Ahmed
Kırmızı Salon 18.3.2017 16:15 1 Yakoob Ahmed
Kırmızı Salon 25.3.2017 16:15 1 Yakoob Ahmed
Kırmızı Salon 1.4.2017 16:15 1 Yakoob Ahmed İPTAL
Kırmızı Salon 8.4.2017 16:15 1 Yakoob Ahmed



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